Posters de Marvel #elalbumdelmico

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… Just a burguer?

just a burguer.jpg

from “how i met your mother” season 4 episode 2 “the best burguer in New York”, quote from Marshall ericksen played by jason segel

No aceptamos almas, sólo dinero

meme milhous MICO.jpg

“El mico que habla, el álbum de stickers”

Gran lanzamiento 25 y 26 de Mayo, Biblioteca Julio Mario Santo Domingo Calle 170 #67 – 51,  Bogotá D.C. , Colombia

We can make a cartoon aout of you!

caricaturas publicidad engDiferent styles, diferent technics, diferentes characters, you can be a cartoon and besides be any character you ever wanted to be, from any movie, tv series, videogames, anime, anything! many satisfied costumers. you can check the cartoon gallery here